Whatever your outdoor interests may be, Alamance Outdoors Sportsman’s Club has something for the whole family. Outdoor enthusiasts of all levels are invited to contact us and find out how they can fill their desires for a complete “Quality Outdoor Experience.”  

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Hunting your specialty? AOSC has wildlife hunts for all seasons. Traditional Dove Hunts, Southern Rabbit Hunts, Spring Turkey Hunts, Trophy Deer, Waterfowl Impoundment, Duck Blind, 32 Deer Stands and Hunting Dogs.  



Fishing more your liking? Then come relax, wet a hook or bring a picnic basket and see what you can catch. 3 ponds all with piers and fish feeders that contain Large Mouth Bass, Catfish, Sunfish, Flounder and Hybrid Striped Bass.  



Of course you can always just come out and enjoy the beauty and majesty of over 200 acres of Timber, Agriculture and Bottom Land. If your idea of  “shooting” is through a lens, then AOSC has more than it’s share of opportunities to capture that “trophy” picture you can still hang on your wall.  



Alamance Outdoors Sportsman’s Club raises, breeds and trains hunting grade Beagles for rabbit hunting. These Beagles are for use on the club as well as for sale to prospective buyers. Regular seasonal rabbit hunts take place with members and the AOSC pack of Beagles are always ready for the hunt.
Most hunters will agree a good rabbit dog is one that will work with the other dogs in the pack, has adequate mouth but doesn't bark off the trail, has the desire and stamina to stay in the hunt. AOSC Beagles are bred to contain these traditional hunting traits while still remaining faithful companions. When you talk to Bobby Glenn be sure to ask him about “Bootie,” he’ll know what you mean!


Honey Bees


The Alamance Outdoors Sportsman’s Club is also home to a colony of Honey Bees. These bees were rescued and relocated to the club property from a barn that was to be destroyed. These bees have played a significant role in the pollination of both the farmed agriculture and the natural plant life on the grounds. From a blend of wildflower and agricultural crops, AOSC bees produce the sweetest, mildest honey for sale on the premises.




The “Alamance Outdoors Kids” camp offers a wide variety of quality outdoor learning. Instruction ranges from identifying different plant species, proper regulated hunter ethics and etiquette, the proper use and safety of firearms to setting up and utilizing a tree stand during a hunt. For the future fish enthusiast, kids will learn how to identify different freshwater species on site, anatomy, bite patterns and habitat as well as techniques needed for catching different species. The kids will also learn proper methods for processing and dressing game and fish.



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